Bringing simplicity to a complex process

We bring simplicity to the complex process of “maturing” as an adult and as a leader by integrating adult development theories with perennial developmental practices. Together we keep it simple and nuanced.

by supporting your vertical growth

We believe vertical development brings about new ways to see the world and engage with its challenges. With fresh perspectives, you as leaders develop a greater ability to handle complexity and ambiguity. You learn to see, question and challenge your conditioning and let your full potential emerge.

We believe this unique blend of deep work on Being and Doing best serves your Leadership Transformation.

Our coaching services

Our integrated interventions are designed in partnership to serve your complex and ever-evolving leadership needs.

Our services
Our services

1:1 executive coaching

The 1:1 coaching sessions are a powerful tool to explore and transcend your current leadership stage

It is a life-changing opportunity to  unlock your innate potential, and to accelerate your growth. By stepping out of your comfort zone and consciously expanding your leadership skillset, you learn to be led by your competences rather than driven by your habits.

Coaching sessions help you lead and live– with intention, purpose and confidence.

Executive team coaching

Executive team coaching to build systemic leadership

Anchored in Relations Systems Intelligence, we engage with teams in thought-provoking Dialogues and processes to liberate their collective intelligence and impact.

We typically work along your team to overcome your barriers to success – by supporting self & social awareness, collective discipline and practice – building effective leadership into your corporate DNA which in turns creates more constructive interactions and purpose-led outcomes.

Coaching circles and dialogues

Coaching circles to effectively strengthen your community development

Coaching circles and Dialogues create a third space between the professional  and the personal dimensions. They offer a safe and very effective sharing environment where leaders and teams engage in a series of facilitated conversations to address topics that are critical to them.

Executive coaching circles are born out of organisational (and social) needs to amplify the impact found in coaching conversations to more participants, while creating opportunities for cross-pollination and reinforcing peer development.

We organise monthly or bi-monthly coaching circles. Get in touch to know more about the current themes and future dates for upcoming new circles.

We can help your organisation design internal coaching circles, or offer the option for your leaders to join inter-company or industry circles.

Coaching skills training

Training in coaching and leadership skills empower dialogues and raise the quality of conversations across organizations.

From our experience coaching and teaching coaching skills to thousands of leaders, we know the power of a pertinent question or the simple act of listening deeply may change the quality of a decision or outcome.

Through experiential and interactive interventions, we equip you and your teams with tried and tested coaching skills to navigate today’s collaborative world with ease and integrity.

Coaching supervision

We expand your capacity for exceptional coaching through supervision. 

Since “Who you are is how you coach”, we create wide and deep reflection spaces for coaches and leaders to ground themselves in who they are to liberate their capacity to transform their environment skillfully by expanding their reflecting and reflexive capacity.   

Whether on one-on-one or monthly group conversations, supervision sessions offer a distinct taste and goal from the coaching session. If coaching sessions offer a rich environment with a clear engagement goal, the goal of the supervision session is to help you restore, nurture, and allows you to uncover who you are essentially becoming in the process of your role, be it as a coach or as a leader. We often say that in these deeply transformative conversation “there is nowhere to do”, “everything is welcome”.

It is currently a required practice for coaches members of the EMCC and highly recommended by the ICF.

Polarity Wisdom

This is a critical lens and toolkit that is part of our approach to facilitating vertical development.

Through our coaching and workshop interventions, our clients are introduced to one of the most powerful tools available to deal with every day tensions everyone faces. These tensions can be best understood as polarities—competing values, interests, goals, or commitments that can lead to conflict and struggle within oneself and with others. “Polarities” refer to a particular kind of conflict that can happen in the short term and over time.

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