Insightful and transformative experience

“Having met Laurent as a Front of Room Leader through Coactive Training Institute, I knew him as a superb and intuitive coach at the outset. Having now experienced his coaching over the past year I honestly can say it is a truly transformative experience. Laurent brought compassion and curiosity, deep and wide expertise and playfulness to all our interactions. Every conversation left me with thought provoking ideas or challenged me to consider my perspectives. I have immense gratitude for his time, patience and partnership. Cannot recommend highly enough!”

Laurent helps you see there is so much more power inside you than you think – no matter how smart you already think you are, you’re only scratching the surface


I’ve been on a steep transformation journey over the last 18 months and hands down the best investment I’ve made has been partnering with Laurent as my coach. The sessions are hard to describe. A lab to explore and dissect, a gym to try out new things, a church to connect with my spirit and my deeper wants. Laurent is intelligent, has a dark sense of humour and a disarming honesty he puts at the service of his clients. The result is a compass and a set of tools that help me navigate uncharted waters. The way I see the world and how I show up in it has shifted and I can trace many of the changes to our coaching sessions.

Excellent coach, patient and very experienced

Aditya (Head of Marketing) – Farnell

“I’d recommend Michael if you are looking for a personal development coach. I have been working with Michael for the past 6 months or so and my experience has been very rewarding. Michael is very patient, experienced and does not thrust his views on you but rather helps you discover your solution by asking the right questions. Personally for me it has been a big change after working with him both personally and professionally and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking to develop themselves and discover frameworks / working models to manage their blind spots.”

Great Listener and Reflector

Simon (Portfolio leader) – Salesforce

“I worked with Michael for a year as part of our organisations leadership development plan. I was going through a very difficult time in my life on a personal front and Michael was there for me at all times. His strength as a listener was fabulous. It provided me with support and a degree of objectivity and some one who I could vent to and hear myself speaking .. I would wholeheartedly recommend Michael as a coach – especially during stressful times in one’s life. Thanks again Mike.”

Power of storytelling and insightful experience.

Mehul Bhatt Chief Strategy & Sustainable Development Executive at Rogers Group; Non-executive Director at Velogic, Maersk Drilling India & Tagada; Executive Director at Rogers Foundation – May 7, 2021

“I had the privilege and pleasure of having Laurent Vuibert as my coach when I transitioned into my new role at Rogers in Mauritius. After having worked for many years with a large Scandinavian multinational across many geographies, the move to Mauritius was one of the most interesting yet disruptive for me. Laurent took the time to understand my context and me well and helped me with this transition to a new country, a new culture and a new career path. He asked the right questions, guided me with finding my answers, and helped me view things and people from multiple vantage points. His power of storytelling, his insights and his ability to help one discover answers make him of the best executive coaches out there.”

She helped me grow and discover untapped levels of energy within myself

Rasha – Standard Chartered, Executive Director

“I have been working with Alice for more than a year now, and I look forward to each session and our chats. Working with Alice always had somehow a “therapeutical” effect that helped me grow or discover untapped levels of energy within myself. Alice is a good and attentive listener who always shows interest in what I am sharing, she doesn’t scratch the surface rather she digs deeper and asks me sometimes some uncomfortable questions that make me think beyond the action to understand the real emotion driving a certain behavior and most importantly she’s human and shows empathy – on a personal level, I suffered a great loss last year and Alice showed me support and care not only as my executive coach but also as a friend.”

Composure, compassion, and steady energy were felt within minutes of our first meet.

Miao Zhang – 9th July 2021 – INSEAD MBA

“I had the fortune of working with Laurent as part of my INSEAD MBA program’s leadership development module. His composure, compassion, and steady energy were felt within minutes of our first meet. More importantly, Laurent’s coaching became a large component to re-setting and re-evaluating my future career/life trajectory, which eventually led to my pursuing a long-been-contemplated entrepreneurship path; this is something that I will forever be thankful and grateful for. His capacity to balance giving his clients enough room to think and feel, while continuously guiding them in constructive self-awareness continues to awe me.”

Incredibly valuable eye-opener.

Alexandra Doudard – December 2020

“I met Laurent during my Co-Active Coach training and from the beginning he has been an incredibly valuable eye-opener. Engaging with Laurent gives right away new perspectives but more importantly, Laurent shares a solid methodology to be able to master this skill yourself and continuously grow. He is highly dedicated to support both teams & individual performance, always keeping the collective spirit at the forefront. By supporting & inspiring authenticity, courage and confidence, he contributes to better see the big picture & give clarity to purpose in order to focus on the essential and inspire constructive transformation. Working with Laurent is not about a year or two of changes, it’s about embarking in a complete and long-term transformative journey. Thank you Laurent for your dedication, commitment, authenticity over the past 2 years…and for the long-lasting impact of your coaching.”

I can achieve a stronger impact at work by influencing and convincing stakeholders more effectively… Great journey!

Roger – Airbus – Head of Innovation and Solutions

“I approached Authentic Choices with the objective of knowing myself better, and unlocking self-limiting thoughts that have hindered me in my personal and professional development. After the individual coaching with Alice, I feel I can achieve a stronger impact at work by influencing and convincing stakeholders more effectively. Her approach was very personalized and based on effective exercises. She helped me develop a more balanced self where mind, heart, and body are more cohesive. All of the conversations we held had a moment with “Oh yes! That makes so much sense now that you say it!”. Great journey!”

Identifying valuable development opportunities

Daniel (Operation Director) – L’Oreal

“Michael has been a coach who excels at addressing barriers, challenging behaviors and assisting in identifying valuable development opportunities. Michael has been a very effective coach at providing support and opportunities for reflection to gain important insights about myself and support specific areas of vertical development. He provided pragmatic support for utilisation of tools while introducing new and effective ways of driving change and seizing opportunities on strategic topics. I feel the coaching experience with Michael was incredibly valuable.”