Michael Bertrand

CPCC, PCC - Executive & Developmental Coach

I am here for those that have arrived at a junction, either intentionally or not. They may be experiencing tension or sheer excitement; whatever it is, it is a big thing!  I help my clients navigate complexity, find innovative solutions and transform themselves.

I hold a rich developmental space for my clients to scale their impact on people, culture, or society, be more connected, courageous and have deep relationships with themselves and others.

I take great care to create a space for clarity, acceptance of what is and the richness of choices available in any situation. I mirror patterns that may be getting in the way and explore alternatives.

My specialities are executive coaching, team coaching, facilitation, and team performance.

I hold an ICF PCC certification and trained in neurobehavioral coaching, systemic coaching, adult developmental coaching, Immunity to Change and co-active coaching.

Since I discovered integral coaching and adult development theory about a decade ago, I have been exploring it for myself and integrating it gradually into my work with my clients. I personally experienced the power of understanding from which lens I am perceiving and experiencing the world around me. It has helped me reveal powerful assumptions, believes, and clarify what really matters to me. I have realized that, to me, alignment is about embracing two perspectives that appear not able to co-exist, that being curious about my own shadows is where the most profound opportunities reside, and that the day I let go of the need to be seen is the day I truly see myself. All these perspectives have helped me generate flow in my personal and professional life by letting go of my own resistance and committing to being in the moment, as present as I can possibly be.

My life has been one of integrating with many cultures, one of many reboots and one full of powerful encounters. I grew up in a mixed culture family, and I could never choose which one to call home. For a long time, it felt like I could not have roots because I felt the need to make a choice. Today, I realise that it was a gift. It led me to explore living and adopting multiple cultures, professionally navigate a wide range of opportunities in which I have held senior leadership roles, led large teams across multiple continents and drove large organisational transformations. I owe the giant leaps in my life to the wonderful people I encountered along the way that helped me see beyond my perceived reality, challenged me to be courageous or simply held a powerful mirror in which I could observe myself. Thanks to them, I now dedicate my time to offering the same to others.

In addition to these exhilarating professional experiences, I also found the time to pursue my passion for sports. I have been an elite athlete competing at national and international levels. All these experiences have led me to be very comfortable with the unknown, have made me an expert in perspective taking, ignited my passion for team dynamics and created a space of simplicity for myself. I work with my client from a place of deep empathy, calm, courage, and curiosity.


  • VeDA Leadership Maturity Framework
  • Neurobehavioural Modelling (Dr Paul Brown)
  • ORSC – Team and systemic coaching The
  • Leadership Circle Certification (TLC)
  • Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner
  • Enneagram typing, somatic work (a selection of renowned teachers)
  • CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) from CTI PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from ICF (International Coaching Federation)
  • Arbinger Trained Coach, Arbinger Institute
  • Deep Facilitation
  • Agility trained Coach – Agil’OA

Preferred Assessment Tools

  • MAP – Leadership Maturity Framework assessment profile
  • The Leadership Circle Profile
  • Collective Leadership Assessment
  • Enneagram Typing
  • Hogan Assessment Certification
  • Immunity to change
  • Agile Profile

Testimonials about Michael

Excellent coach, patient and very experienced

Aditya (Head of Marketing) – Farnell

“I’d recommend Michael if you are looking for a personal development coach. I have been working with Michael for the past 6 months or so and my experience has been very rewarding. Michael is very patient, experienced and does not thrust his views on you but rather helps you discover your solution by asking the right questions. Personally for me it has been a big change after working with him both personally and professionally and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking to develop themselves and discover frameworks / working models to manage their blind spots.”

Great Listener and Reflector

Simon (Portfolio leader) – Salesforce

“I worked with Michael for a year as part of our organisations leadership development plan. I was going through a very difficult time in my life on a personal front and Michael was there for me at all times. His strength as a listener was fabulous. It provided me with support and a degree of objectivity and some one who I could vent to and hear myself speaking .. I would wholeheartedly recommend Michael as a coach – especially during stressful times in one’s life. Thanks again Mike.”

Identifying valuable development opportunities

Daniel (Operation Director) – L’Oreal

“Michael has been a coach who excels at addressing barriers, challenging behaviors and assisting in identifying valuable development opportunities. Michael has been a very effective coach at providing support and opportunities for reflection to gain important insights about myself and support specific areas of vertical development. He provided pragmatic support for utilisation of tools while introducing new and effective ways of driving change and seizing opportunities on strategic topics. I feel the coaching experience with Michael was incredibly valuable.”

A space to truly grow

Colleen (Vice President of Behavioral Health)

“Michael’s coaching provides a place where you will feel calm and accepted. He also is great t noticing the most important points and focuses on them so you are able to truly grow. I definitely feel like I have grown and have become more of my true self as a result of our work together.”