Alice Leung Vuibert

Leadership, Executive and Developmental Coach ICF
Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

I believe that more than ever, our world needs present, open-minded and big-hearted leaders to navigate the complex, global interconnected challenges and precious lives we have been entrusted with. No matter how big or small, each step and action we consciously take will shape the future we are leaving to our children and communities.

In face of widespread disconnection, ambiguity and uncertainty, I am committed to holding the space for courageous leaders to dive deep into their stories, dreams and aspirations so that they can whole-heartedly connect to and contribute their unique talents and gifts to the world.

Using a unique combination of vertical, transformational and integral approaches, I help my clients create their personal development ecosystem so that they can tap into their inner wisdom and unleash their creative leadership potential. I am passionate about empowering my clients to create the leadership shifts and impact they want for themselves, their teams and the world at large.

I am fluent in French, English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

I have been lucky to call Singapore home for the past 15 years, with my husband and two daughters. I am an ex-running fanatic who enjoys the struggle & surrendering process of ashtanga yoga. I show my love by cooking a feast and cherish the little ordinary moments that truly matter.

How would I paint my life story in a few strokes?

I come from a lineage of strong, resilient women who wandered in the space between cultures, histories and communities. My grandmother, raised as a traditional chinese daughter in Cambodia, became a full fledged businesswoman who single handedly raised 5 children before escaping the Khmers Rouges. My mother left the comfort of her home in Phnom Penh to pursue a passion for Chinese literature and history in Beijing, only to flee a closed-border China a few years later as the Cultural Revolution threatened to crush spirits like hers.

I was born in France and nurtured in a multiplicity of cultures, striving to tick all the boxes of success as a professional during 15 years in a variety of industries (audit and consulting, shipbuilding, oil & gas) to follow the family narrative I’ve been passed on.

Still my heart and soul yearned for a depth of meaning and purpose that was unfulfilled. I realized I confused that hard constructed narrative for a life (his)story to be upheld, instead of creating my own from within and upon the strengths of the past generations. Over time, that story made of “should and must” created a hard shield over my true purpose and calling.

Becoming a mom cracked open the space I needed to let myself be moved again.

In a world that wants you to follow and conform, it has been (and still is!) a beautiful inner journey to discover and reclaim myself, so that I can be fully of service to my community and the world at large.

This personal journey informs my coaching today – should we travel together, I pledge to support you in your constant quest to master and reinvent yourself, to explore all the “life-quakes”, the connections and depths that matter to your growth and to hold the space with compassion for your authentic leadership to emerge.

Qualifications & Affiliations

  • Master’s in management, Finance & Law, ESCP Europe Business School
  • New Ventures West – Certified Integral Coach
  • Organisation and Relationships Systems (ORSC) @ Work
  • CTI Co-active Core Curriculum
  • Leadership Maturity Framework (LMF) Intensive I &II – Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP) by VEDA – Vertical Development
  • Conscious Business Coaching Certification
  • Leadership Embodiment Coaching
  • The Art of Typing – The Enneagram in Business & Embodied Enneagram Coaching
  • The Leadership Circle Profile 360 Certification
  • Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) – Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Testimonials about Alice

She helped me grow and discover untapped levels of energy within myself

Rasha – Standard Chartered, Executive Director

“I have been working with Alice for more than a year now, and I look forward to each session and our chats. Working with Alice always had somehow a “therapeutical” effect that helped me grow or discover untapped levels of energy within myself. Alice is a good and attentive listener who always shows interest in what I am sharing, she doesn’t scratch the surface rather she digs deeper and asks me sometimes some uncomfortable questions that make me think beyond the action to understand the real emotion driving a certain behavior and most importantly she’s human and shows empathy – on a personal level, I suffered a great loss last year and Alice showed me support and care not only as my executive coach but also as a friend.”

I can achieve a stronger impact at work by influencing and convincing stakeholders more effectively… Great journey!

Roger – Airbus – Head of Innovation and Solutions

“I approached Authentic Choices with the objective of knowing myself better, and unlocking self-limiting thoughts that have hindered me in my personal and professional development. After the individual coaching with Alice, I feel I can achieve a stronger impact at work by influencing and convincing stakeholders more effectively. Her approach was very personalized and based on effective exercises. She helped me develop a more balanced self where mind, heart, and body are more cohesive. All of the conversations we held had a moment with “Oh yes! That makes so much sense now that you say it!”. Great journey!”

I learned about myself and grew much more than I expected

Benedicte – Tiffany & Co – Senior Director Marketing

“I spent 6 months working weekly with Alice as my coach. Through our conversations and the pertinent questions she asked, she allowed me to take a step back and view my professional (and personal) habits in a different light. I learned about myself and grew much more than I expected and on topics that I didn’t realize I needed to improve on. She was fair and understanding but also didn’t hesitate to ask the uncomfortable questions that helped me progress. These 6 months have been a huge support and I have carried with me the lessons ever since: I’m more efficient and able to prioritize what really matters. I would highly recommend Alice to whomever needs to add some perspective to their daily professional routine and is looking to grow in their career.”

An incredible support in helping me challenge my way of thinking and adjusting the way I work

Zahina – Standard Chartered – Global Head of People Insights and Analytics

“I’m so pleased to write a recommendation for Alice, she has been an incredible support in helping me challenge my way of thinking and adjusting the way I work to meet my professional goals. She has a way of helping to unpack problems by challenging you to really dive deeper and will offer objective perspectives to reframe situations enabling that “aha” moment. I’d like to say I gained more than just a coach but a friend too, thank you Alice!”