Driven by the same passion for excellence and human unfoldment, our coaches come from diverse business backgrounds and use a wide range of coaching tools and methods to embark with you on your coaching journey.

Laurent Vuibert

PCC, CPCC, MBA - Founder
Personal and Team Executive coach

Alice Leung Vuibert

Certified Integral Coach

Michael Bertrand

Executive & Agile Leadership Coach

They talk about their experience

Laurent Vuibert brings with him twenty years of experience facilitating transformation in China, South East Asia and Europe. Prior to coaching, he held senior Commercial and Strategic roles working with game-changing business leaders and entrepreneurs in built-for-scaling companies in industries such as Entertainment, Distribution, and Shipbuilding. As a senior executive coach, he focuses on organizations which enable societal evolution by practicing conscious and courageous leadership.

Laurent professional and personal journey has been marked by a succession of clear invitations to engage in adaptive challenges, requiring him to transcend his existing beliefs and perspectives in order to respond to the apparent complexity at hand.

The conscious exploration and development of authentic leadership disciplines to meet increased environment complexity at individual and systemic level drive Laurent’s practice today. He supports leaders in Technology, FinTech, Chemistry, Energy, Media, NGO and intervenes across geographies including Asia, Europe and Africa.

Laurent is French and a Permanent resident in Singapore. He is active in the development of his industry and is the co-founder of a tech start-up empowering his clients and colleagues. He is Faculty for the Coach Training Institute, a pioneer and leader in leadership development, and sat on the Executive Committee for the International Coach Federation (ICF) for two years.

In his free time, Laurent cultivate grounding for performance and centering practices such as Ashtanga yoga and Vipassana meditation, but his biggest teachers remain his two daughters.

This site would be incomplete without saying a few words about this growing group of human beings I have been fortunate to meet since I decided to embrace this path.I had the opportunity to learn from and with some pioneers and respected teachers in the coaching industry as well as some wise elders.

To name some of them, I have been particularly empowered and shown the way by Vivian J. Rigney, Elaine Jaynes, Mary Butler, David Whyte, Burgs, Avital Carmon, Gulsun Zeytinoglu, Andrew Sheridan, Jim Patterson, Chuck Allen, Roma Gaster, Dori Ben-Chanoch, Art Shirk, Barney Wee, and so many others who have been gifts in the development of my coaching stance and partners of co-creation over the years.

It is an integral part of my practice to associate with seasoned coaches and facilitators with whom we co-create and co-deliver processes and results in trust.

We collaborate with Saba, Michael, Vivian, Noel, Fiona, Salma, Andrew, Sophia, Manish, Anisha, Alex, Emmanuelle and some purposeful leadership and learning organisations such as the CTI (Coaches training Institute), Roffey Park, Agil’Oa and the Full Circle. This is the best guarantee of success for our clients globally

It is in my core beliefs that high quality personal development and coaching services can be accessible without having to sacrifice on quality and financial sustainability, especially when empowered through technology. It is for this reason that together with my partners, we initiated the development of a digital ecosystem for coaching, supporting coaches and their clients to maximise the quality of their interactions. To learn more about MyBlueprints, visit:

Alice supports senior executives to increase their capacity for long term excellence and performance. She received her coach training from New Ventures West, one of the oldest and most recognized ICF accredited Professional Coaching Courses which attend to the individuality of the person as well as the social context in which he/she is always embedded.

Believing that everyone is naturally creative, resourceful and whole, Alice uses the developmental coaching framework to help her clients build up their competence to better face their life circumstances, in and out of their workplace. Through various custom-designed practices and coaching conversations that aim to challenge their world views, her clients will have developed an increased capacity for long term excellence and an awareness that will support their ability to self-correct and self-generate in their everyday life.

Alice’s coaching style is compassionate yet challenging, safe yet daring and always supportive as she believes that true development happens in the context of the coaching relationship itself and the work the client is willing to put in between the sessions.
Alice is passionate about walking the talk with her clients and helping them develop in all aspects of their life.

Michael is an Executive and Agile Leadership coach. He works with leaders and leadership teams that want to thrive with agility in very dynamic environments and become the influential leaders of tomorrow. Michael promotes leadership effectiveness, perspective taking and self-awareness. Michael is dedicated to holding the space for people to explore limiting assumptions, to embrace challenging perspectives and to provoke powerful shifts that will generate deep and long-lasting transformations.

Michael’s life has been one of integrating with many cultures, one of many reboots and one full of powerful encounters. Michael has held senior leadership roles, led large teams across multiple continents and drove large organizational transformations. Entrepreneur at heart, Michael has been in the start-up scene since early 2000’s and explored cutting edge topics such as Artificial Intelligence. To this day, he is still exploring new ventures and supporting entrepreneurs fulfil their dreams. In addition to these exhilarating professional experiences, he also found the time to pursue his passion in sport. Michael has been an elite athlete competing at national and international levels.

Michael’s specialities are executive coaching, team coaching, facilitation and team performance. He holds an ICF PCC certification and has been trained in neurobehavioral coaching, Systemic coaching, adult developmental coaching, appreciative enquiry, Immunity to Change and co-active coaching.