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Building leadership ecosystems

We believe in contributing to the creation of ecosystems for our clients where the capacity to engage in the process of change and evolution is fully unlocked. Whether in the context of individual coaching or through a corporate programme, we design medium to long term interventions that aim to activate authenticity, maturity and intentionality – empowering leaders to grow and evolve in complex and urgent environments – supporting them in their self-development and organisations to fulfil their promises for the larger community.

Individual coaching for leaders

Expand Your Conscious Leadership

A fantastic opportunity to access and unlock innate hidden potential, to create clarity, find purpose, and accelerate growth, the 1:1 coaching sessions are tailor made to allow each of our clients to explore their current thinking attitudes and behaviours in a safe confidential space. It is a self-exploratory process, an invitation to step out of their comfort zone, to expand their conscious leadership skillset, guiding them to be carried by their competencies rather than driven by their habits – with intention, purpose and confidence.

Building Sustainable Ecosystems

Anchored in Relations Systems Intelligence, our approach aims to move away from the traditional management model towards a more distributed form of leadership involving the entire team. By engaging them in thought provoking conversations and processes, we support teams to identify and overcome their own barriers to success through self-awareness, discipline and practice – setting leadership as a real company culture, empowering more productive human interactions and results with a common purpose.

Team Coaching


Imparting coaching skills

Laurent is Faculty for The Coaches Training Institute®, commonly known as CTI®. CTI is the largest in-person coach training school in the world and the only program to teach CTI’s ground-breaking Co-Active Coaching® model in highly interactive courses. We enjoy designing and co-delivering highly impactful workshops and programs mixing science, system theory, latest adult learning theory and neuroscience. They are designed to create deep connection with the participants and strong sense of energy and safety which enable courageous and lasting conversations.

Empowered By MyBluePrints

Developed by Authentic Choices in collaboration with other leading coaches, MyBlueprints is a digital ecosystem for coaching that helps coaches and their clients to maximise the quality of their interactions – leveraging on technology to enhance the discussions and the access to high calibre human experiences as well as to manage internal coaching programmes effortlessly.
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