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Introductory workshop in Polarity Wisdom

Polarities supporting a better world

We believe, that a deep understanding of the polarities we are navigating is a key element to embracing the uncertain and fast-changing context we live in today. We also believe it will help individuals and organizations committed to building a more sustainable and balanced world make the right decisions.

Deepening my understanding of polarities has really shifted my perception of the world and radically transform my life

An introduction to Polarity Wisdom

Polarity Wisdom
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This workshop introduces you to a critical lens and toolkit that is part of our approach to facilitating vertical development.

In this interactive workshop, participants will be introduced to one of the most powerful tools available to deal with everyday tensions everyone faces. These tensions can be best understood as polarities—competing values, interests, goals, or commitments that can lead to conflict and struggle within oneself and with others. “Polarities” refer to a particular kind of conflict that can happen in the short term and over time.

Join us to learn a new competency vital for addressing the complexities of our world today and tomorrow. You will walk away having learned how to leverage tensions in your professional and personal life more successfully than when you walked in. You will get a sense of how these tensions define some aspects of your world-view and how to observe your preferences and identifications.

We conduct the workshop online or in person in a 1 day or 2 half days format. 


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