Leadership Maturity Framework

The LMF has proven to be one the most effective frameworks to support people on their journey to liberate their development as they respond to the need to increase their capacity for complexity, or maturity, to meet some of their most difficult challenges.

The LMF framework and its assessment the MAP (Maturity Assessment Profile) developed by Susann Cook Greuter on the back on extensive research help us to leverage our current use of language and concepts to learn to appreciate our worldviews to then let them go as we transcend their limits on our way to expanded intellectual, emotional, spiritual connections to liberate simpler and empowered relationships with the world’s and life’s complexity.

Helping our clients and their colleagues learn about themselves through the lens of the LMF as one of the doorways of perception has been a privilege. Offering the LMF journey orientation to your organisation is a profound performance accelerator. It clarifies, guides, empowers all roles at work in organizations and helps overcome apparent limitations by being both inclusive and transcending. The debriefing and coaching journey shed a clearer light on the road we have traveled so far while allowing understanding the upcoming stages invitation. It is liberating at the individual level and source of tremendous creativity and inclusivity at the systemic level.

The LMF and MAP help transcend the apparent polarity between performance and depth, intellectual capacity and contribution, wisdom and action. It respects us at all stages of our journey and allows us to do the same, opening us up to the diversity and more of potential available in the world we live in, come from and walk towards.

Get in touch with us if this journey is calling you or and maybe your organisation. We’ll discuss the steps and possibilities adapted to your current quest.