Coaching Supervision Academy (“CSA”)

We believe in the integrity and responsibility of our roles in our profession. In a very fast-growing coaching profession, it is important to create a mature space for restoration, regeneration, and exploration which has nothing to do with action and goals.

For the coaches who are keen, we offer coaching supervision sessions to help people trust who they are while they do their work with their clients and their clients with their networks. The coaching supervision academy is a community of coach supervisors who are attuned to the systemic view of life and have deep trust in the capacity emerging from presencing processes.

“Who you are is how you coach”, “Who you are is how you supervise” is the tenet of the Coaching Supervision Academy to express what we share above.

In the same token, “Who you are is how you lead”. No matter how much work we do as coaches, leaders, parents, we believe it is essential to have the capacity to deeply listen in a supervisory capacity for our essence to emerge and lead the way as it applies itself competently and deliberately.