Co-active coaching with CTI

As Faculty with CTI for 10 years, and as trained coaches, we have experienced and shared this profoundly human coaching model with leaders wanting to become better at what they do in co-creation, be it in organisation or as coaches. The Co-active model is sourced as one of the main influences behind the expansion of Coaching as a profession that supports effective leadership and personal development.

It delivers contextually relevant and experiential learning that evokes transformation and ignites life-long development journeys to the deepest expression of leadership in each human being. As some people say: it is one thing to attend a training, it is another to learn through the experience of yourself and others as leaders. CTI world-class faculty and partners do just that, delivering stellar experiential learning in co-leadership.

We are very proud of being active members of this rich community and its capacity to transcend itself. The world seems to be in a relationship crisis and we believe that coaching is one of the powerful answers to help nurture and appreciate our relationship with ourselves, with each other, with the world, as the world.