How we do it

A deliberate integrated approach

Liberate your capacity to perform as an individual and an organisation.

We help integrate meaningful individual and collective purposes, and design authentic & scalable no-nonsense leadership development processes, by collaborating with a passionate ecosystem of cutting-edge professionals.


Our coaching methodology and practices

An integral ecosystem of development

Drawing teachings from perennial spiritual wisdom and the most recent adult development theories, our coaching methodology takes a deliberately integral approach to a leader maturing and developing process

Stop the incessant chatter of your mind and conditioning to let your essential nature shine. We access your presence by continually developing our capacity for concentration, composure and groundedness.
Be perceptively in tune with yourself and your emotions, and respond with humility and curiosity to potential triggers.
Take perspectives and empathize with others, appreciate the conscious and unconscious social patterns and undercurrents at play.
See and lead a team or an organisation as living systems, linked through a web of interconnected and nested systems, impacting and influencing each other in a non-linear way, similarly to what we see in nature.
We use strategies and behaviours to create and manifest our collective vision. Their effectiveness is highly correlated with our degree of individual and collective
What we are striving to achieve, why it is meaningful for us at a collective and individual level and how it translates into measurable outcomes.

Access a diverse ecosystem of wise and cutting edge professionals

We work together through a clearly guided journey. We establish a clear direction to serve your vision by identifying a flexible and practical approach for you and for your organisation

Our people are insightful and pragmatic.

We offer a rich tapestry of personal journeys and robust professional experiences. We walk our talk to support our clients to do the same.

Our solutions are tailored and scalable to reach wide and deep

They address the various developmental needs of our clients across organizations and time horizons.

Our community is the beating heart and wisdom of our working model.

Coaches, clients, learning partners, teachers, friends are all citizens and pieces of the puzzle we keep reinventing collectively to address new challenges and opportunities.

Our digital ecosystem is our clients’ practice dojo

The scalability of our digital platforms allows us to meet our clients, create group and cohort experiences, share dedicated content when, where and how they need it. This promotes deep learning.

Our evolving savoir faire is the gift we can't wait to share

We have taken the time to practice on ourselves, with hundreds of clients and partners very solid researched backed frameworks to nurture deep understanding and powerful communities.

What they say about us

His power of storytelling, his insights and his ability to help one discover answers make him one of the best executive coaches out there.

Mehul, Rogers Group, Chief Strategy & Sustainable Development Executive

A coach who excels at addressing barriers, challenging behaviors and assisting in identifying valuable development opportunities..I feel the coaching experience with Michael was incredibly valuable.

Daniel, L’Oreal, Operations Director

Clearly Laurent is not your 'average' corporate coach, working with him was not about learning a new skill, it was about accessing/unlocking some innate hidden potential, whether on a personal or on a team level.

Ghislain, SVP Global consumer Segment, UL

an incredible support in helping me challenge my way of thinking and adjusting the way I work to meet my professional goals.

Zahina, Standard Chartered Bank, Global Head of People analytics

Alice allowed me to take a step back and view my professional (and personal) habits under a different light. I learned about myself and grew much more than I expected and on topics that I didn't realize I needed to improve on.

Benedicte, Tiffany &Co, Senior Director Marketing

It has been a big change after working with Michael both personally and professionally and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking to develop themselves and discover frameworks / working models to manage their blind spots.

Aditya, Farnell, Head of Marketing

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