About me

I have twenty years of experience facilitating transformation in China, South East Asia and Europe. My professional and personal journey has been marked by a succession of clear invitations to engage in adaptive challenges, requiring me to transcend my existing beliefs and perspectives in order to respond to the apparent complexity at hand. As a coach today and in my previous roles, I have been on a quest to connect people to their essence, in order to release their full potential and expand their capacity to evolve in their world. During that journey, I have been fortunate to receive and see the benefits of coaching both in myself and the clients I have supported along the years. From there I developed a passion to democratise the access to empowering services and developmental experiences of high calibre.

The conscious exploration and development of authentic leadership disciplines to meet increasingly complex environments at individual and systemic level is what drives my practice today, supporting leaders across industries and geographies from Asia to Europe and Africa.


My tribe

It is an integral part of my practice to associate with seasoned coaches and facilitators with whom we co-create and co-deliver processes and results in trust.

We collaborate with Saba, Michael, Vivian, Noel, Fiona, Salma, Andrew, Sophia, Manish, Anisha, Alex, Emmanuelle and some purposeful leadership and learning organisations such as the CTI (Coaches training Institute), Roffey Park, Agil’Oa and the Full Circle. This is the best guarantee of success for our clients globally


It is in my core beliefs that high quality personal development and coaching services can be accessible without having to sacrifice on quality and financial sustainability, especially when empowered through technology. It is for this reason that together with my partners, we initiated the development of a digital ecosystem for coaching, supporting coaches and their clients to maximise the quality of their interactions. To learn more about MyBlueprints, visit: https://myblueprints.com.sg/

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