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Raison D’être

Authentic Choices contributes to build ecosystems where collaborative leaders thrive.

Authentic Choices is a coaching and facilitation practice incubated in Singapore.

We support leaders to generate meaningful and positive impact in and out of conscious organizations. We diligently do this through 1-to-1 coaching, team intervention and ecosystem building.

Through thought-provoking coaching conversations, we at Authentic Choices help our clients bring their full self to the platforms they have chosen. We are confident that their choices will impact their world as they intend to. Our ambition is for them to act authentically and become the leaders they aspire to be.

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Coaching is a professionally facilitated transformation, a thought-provoking and creative process. Our approach is focused primarily on your needs and aims to inspire you to maximize your potential.

On these premises, we identified, learnt from and leveraged on relevant and recognized models, such as the Co-Active model, the Leadership Circle framework and others. These are tools which support best the performance and growth of our clients.

We, at Authentic Choices, are open to learning by nature. We believe that this approach will speak to the natural processes of the human beings we are engaged with – whether as an individual or as a team.

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Areas of Expertise


  • 1 to 1 coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Group coaching


  • Leadership
  • Transition
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Multi cultural collaboration
  • Turnaround
  • Integration post merger

Ecosystem Building: One Conversation at a Time

At Authentic Choices, we like to look at what we do from the natural and organic perspective of “Ecosystem Development”.

Every intervention, every relationship development, every phone call has the same deep intent: to help you and your team leverage on your core values.

In doing so, you can intentionally create the world you want to live in.

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In this program geared towards senior leaders, we will use tried and tested tools & methods to accelerate and enhance business performance along with personal development.

Each coaching engagement is custom-made to allow individuals explore their current thinking, attitudes and behavior in a confidential space. The sessions are dynamic and challenging, yet set in an environment of trust and strong coach/coachee partnership.

The coaching takes the clients out of their comfort zones, expanding self awareness, exploring their internal drivers and strengths, and ultimately helping to transform business with conscious leadership.

Typically composed of monthly face-to-face or virtual meetings over a 6 to 8 month periods, the 1 to 1 coaching program includes one 360 feedback review (on paper or briefed in person) as well as other possible assessments.

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Most business leaders are fully aware of the need for continuously developing high performance. Yet, the dynamics of teams and the limiting behavior or attitudes of individuals within them can impact negatively on results and effectiveness.

We at Authentic Choices believe that leadership is a role that is shared within the system.

Anchored in Relations Systems Intelligence, our approach aims to move away from the traditional management model to more distributed forms of leadership throughout the whole team, therefore fast tracking leadership development in the organization, as well as enhancing the feeling of common purpose.

Armed with coaching skills, leaders will be able to co-create work environments that facilitate productive human interactions, leverage conflict creatively, retain valuable workers, and accommodate constant change, while still supporting operational and business objectives.

Based on the principles above, our Executive Stretch Program is a creatively designed, intellectually challenging, behavior-enhancing, one or two-day residential experience tried, tested and respected.

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Team Agility development series (agility behavior)

Building on the the AP (Agile Profile®) approach, this program intends to generate sustainable collective performance in highly turbulent environments, whether we are considering corporations, sports team, or other types of organizations.

In summary, it is designed to support teams to identify the right levels of Anticipation, Cooperation and Innovation needed to reach a healthy performance while maintaining personal balance.

Highly geared towards purposeful action, this experiential team stretch has been designed and is proven to generate clearly actionable behavioural shifts, which ultimately translate into sustainable and measurable performance.

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As Faculty member of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), we co-lead the facilitation of the 5 core-curriculum modules over a 12 months program. This in-depth training program teaches the Co-Active Coaching model, a respected and tried-and-tested model that supports the participant to coach anyone on any topic confidently and powerfully.

With over 20 years of experience and more than 35,000 coaches trained worldwide, CTI is one of the world’s most respected coach training organizations.

Contact Us


About you

We start this page with you. Obviously.

Whether you are the leader I’ll be working with or the decision maker in the process that will lead to this intervention, this website has been designed to give you a feel of who I am and invite you to get in touch to further explore how I can support you.

I can only assume about you that we both live in a “VUCA world”, characterized by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. In this context, our ability to be simultaneously purposeful and agile is key if we want to lead in a compelling way and create a world that works for all.

In such challenging times, you might require a shift in perspective with the help of an unbiased third party whose main mission is to support your leaders to perform individually and collectively with clarity of purpose at heart.

That’s when you’ll probably contact me.

To develop collective performance through coaching and bring co-activity at the heart of organisations,  Laurent is supporting the development of professionally trained coaches. He is Faculty for the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the largest and oldest coach training school in the world, where he co-leads the core-curriculum modules of the CTI coach training program in Singapore and its neighbouring region.

Laurent is also the first Asian Faculty coach and trainer of Agile Profile® by Agil’Oa a unique and no-nonsense behavioural agility profiling tool which revolutionizes the way to deploy collective agility behaviours in small and large organisations.

With a strong focus on collaboration and collective interventions, we had the opportunity to support leaders as they transition to new roles and contexts to foster intentional impact (natural resources, communication, finance, education, technology) in various organizations, such as,

About me

I have always been passionate about accelerating emerging transformations with a focus on people as catalysts through their ability to choose. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from my many experiences in this domain, be it in partnerships, in relationships, in social shifts, in business ventures.

As a coach and facilitator, I do the same with my clients during our coaching sessions : I facilitate the articulation of their aspirations for impact, with the development of efficient attitudes and intentional behaviors, so that they can become the leaders they aspire to be.

My clients and partners appreciate my ability to bring about unique perspectives and hold the mirror for them to own their authority and create worlds they want to live in.

Detailed bio

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What people say.

“Life is the craft of co-creation.”

Laurent embodies the generosity, the presence and the tenacity I needed during this chapter of my life. I was going through a transition and felt overwhelmed by the challenges ahead of me. During the coaching engagement, one of Laurent’s most notable impact on me was his ability to tap into his intuition to name what I did not want to see and take me to places I was unaware of. I loved the easiness and flow he created in each of the sessions. Not only did I gain the courage to step out of my vicious circle, but I also realized that there is a bigger meaning in my struggle. It is as if Laurent has named a bigger sense of purpose for me.
Magali Simon, Vice President Talent Development, Learning and Perspectives at BASF South East Asia, Singapore
Laurent and I briefly worked together during 2015. I would recommend him very highly, he is inquisite, perceptive and not afraid to ask deep, penetrating questions.I got a lot of our handful of sessions (I am happy to be honest). He helped me to think deeply about myself, my current position and desired state, for my sanity (which value highly), it was a useful series of conversation.

Laurent you work well on the phone but REALLY well face to face. You are very comfortable with the ambiguity of exploration which I value highly.

Giles Atwell, Senior leader in Leading FMCG organization
Laurent is so human, raw, honest, and authentic. On top of it all he is highly professional in his transparency, in the application of his intuition, intrusion and intention! He surprised me several times during our 6-months coaching relationship, intuitively joining my very intimate states of mind, or bringing me back to reality not letting me indulge too much in self-pity. He has been there and with me and with whatever I had to show up no matter what. No wonder I landed on solid ground after months of mental transitioning. I grew as a coach, as a person and as a woman into the fearless amazon he saw in me from the beginning.
Ingrid Balogh, Fearless Amazon, Life Coach, Supply Manager at leading FMCG
Laurent is a great coach and a talented co-facilitator, with a wide array of strings to his arc (Co-active coaching, NLP, Agile Coaching, etc.).

He has a unique capacity of connecting people to their passion, finding the essence of why we do what we do and creating meaningful discussions which challenge the status quo and lift the standards of performance.

Manish Bundhun, Chief Human Resources Executive at Rogers Group
Laurent facilitates a life long journey with you on self-reflection. I had the pleasure of working with Laurent for a period of 18 months. I was completely skeptical at first, not appreciating the value Laurent would bring. Initially I was rather close minded at this opportunity, however gradually the journey commenced. When and How – I don’t know. Upon reflection, where I am today and the way I have transformed into a leader is evident in my own organization. It’s the theory with a human touch that makes you different and inspirational. Laurent was the oil that ignited my motivational engine. Now its full steams ahead!
Hassan Rauf, Executive Director, Head of Business Development, Asia-Pacific at the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation

Let’s get in touch!


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